Welcome to the Submittable site for the Key West Literary Seminar. Here, you can submit applications to participate in our Writers' Workshop Program. You can also apply for one or more of the opportunities provided by our Scholarship Program, or our newest offering, the Young Writers Studio.

You'll find more information about the programs and opportunities we offer on our website, kwls.org. The Writers' Workshop Program main page includes an overview of our program, with links to complete course descriptions and application requirements. Visit our Scholarship Program main page for information about Workshop Financial Assistance, our Emerging Writer Awards, and the Teacher and Librarian Scholarships. 

For more information about this opportunity, visit our website.


The program is open to any student in Monroe County who will be starting their sophomore, junior, or senior year in the fall of 2018. Local students who are home-schooled or from other unconventional backgrounds are also encouraged to apply.

How to Apply:

Complete the form below, and upload an application letter of no more than 650 words (minimum 500 words).

Application Letter: 

  • Introduce yourself. Explain why you want to be a part of this program. What makes you a great candidate? What in the description of Young Writers Studio sounds intriguing to you?
  • Describe your relationship to reading and writing. Please tell us what has been your favorite thing (novel, poem, short story, graphic novel, children’s book, anything) you have ever read and why.
  • Tell us about your relationship to Key West. What do you love about this area and landscape the most? Do you have a favorite place you can tell us about, or a favorite aspect of life here?

File name should adhere to the following model: “Lastname_Firstname.doc” and your name should appear at the top-right-hand-corner of the page.


  • Feel free to address these questions in whatever order makes the most sense to you, and creates a logical and good flow.
  • Be yourself. Your letter should be casual and relaxed. Don’t be afraid to give us a sense of your personality and be completely honest.
  • Remember that detail, description, and sharing quick anecdotes or examples can help make your writing fun and relatable. Also remember that editing for typos and small errors helps show that you care and are trying to make the best first impression.

Extended Deadline:

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis and all applicants will be notified of their status within two weeks of application.


If you have questions about the program or the application, please contact Freya Hendrickson: freya@kwls.org / 305-293-9291

For more information about this and other scholarship opportunities, visit our website.

Requirements for Teachers & Librarians Scholarship:

1. Request Letter:

Please tell us about your work as a teacher or librarian in 750 words or less. A successful request letter will describe your institution, the community it serves, and your role within it; address the theme and/or speakers for the upcoming Seminar; and explain how you hope your attendance at the Seminar will benefit you and your community. Please also tell us something about your financial need, and whether or not you would be able to attend KWLS without our support. 

File name must adhere to the following model: “Lastname_Firstname_cover.doc” and your name must appear at the top-right-hand-corner of the page.

2. Letter of Recommendation:

One letter of recommendation is required. It may be written by a supervisor, former student, patron, or peer. An effective letter will describe your strengths as a teacher or librarian and the impact you have made on others in your community and/or institution.

In the application form below, you will be asked to provide an email address for your recommender. Once you submit the application, they will receive an email from Submittable with a link to upload the recommendation letter. We suggest that you contact your recommender before you submit your application and alert them to expect this email.

3. References:

Please provide the names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of two additional persons who are familiar with you and your work.


The application deadline is June 15, 2018. Honorees will be announced in September.